Syd Bircher


N.C.E.P. Certified

Physical Therapy Specialist

Former college football player

Strength and Conditioning coach (football)

  • Sports specific
  • Weight loss/strength development
  • Senior fitness including gait, balance

B.A. Physical Education  , California State, Chico

A.A.Degree  Physical Therapy Assistant  DE Anza College 


Phone: 408.780.6996



With over twenty years of fitness training experience, Syd has developed and implemented various conditioning programs  in both individual and  group/ team environments. The former college football player and coach was also a strength and conditioning coach at both the college and high school level. He has experience using specialized equipment such as sleds , parachutes,   hurdles , ladders, jump boxes to develop explosive power , speed. proprioception.


With his experience in physical therapy,  he has implemented programs to rehabilitate various injuries , as well as a senior fitness programs to improve balance, mobility flexibility. 

"My experience working with many different populations has taught me the importance of a sound training designed specifically to maximize each individuals potential ".


Athletic History